Directions and Parking

Parking in Berkeley is extremely limited. We highly encourage you to walk and use public transit whenever possible. Parking will additionally be impacted on Saturday, Sept. 9 when on-campus parking may be unavailable for all or part of the day due to a home football game.


If you are mobility limited and in need of parking or other assistance, please reach out to us directly at


Walking Directions from BART

The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology is located at 3101 Valley Life Sciences Building, on the third floor, west side of the building, above the T-rex and pterasaur.

Click here for walking directions from BART.


Driving Directions to UC Campus

Visit the Alumni House website for specific driving directions and logistics.


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Please note that on-campus parking may be unavailable for all or part of Saturday, Sept. 9 due to a home football game. 


Public parking near the campus can be found at the following locations:

Click here for visitor parking tips.


Public Transit:

Click here for AC Transit bus schedules.

Click here for BART schedules.

Click here for UCB Campus Shuttles (Monday – Friday only).