Jim McGuire starts teaching herps. The next several years feature a rotating set of instructors with only Jim remaining as a constant. Although retired, Bill Lidicker steps up to teach mammals for one year while serving as an IB 104 guide to Jim. Allison Chubb (newly-finished grad student) teaches birds that year. From 2005 to 2007, John Perrine (postdoc) teaches mammals while Jack Dumbacher (curator at Cal Academy), Kristen Ruegg (grad student), and Chris Clark (grad student) all teach birds for one year each. At this time, lecturers attend every lecture, not just their own (this practice has since been discontinued), and at least one of the two weekly field trips, both if the focus is on their speciality taxon (which has continued to this day).

Jim McGuire with Crotalus oreganus.